Creation and Completion

Creation and Completion


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Creation and Completion

Jose Serrano Pasqual

I’ve withdrawn from the world for the last two years to live with my characters and their lives.   I’ve followed them daily, not telling them what or who to be.  Instead I’ve observed them and been surprised.    Recently, tragically, their story came to a conclusion and I’ve been obliged to turn the completed manuscript over to others for the violent act of publication.

I miss my friends, their lives and the moments they’ve shared with me.    Turning my hand to the next book and the next story I dread not the beginning.   If I hesitate at all, it is only because I know that at some point I will once again face the inevitable completion.   It is my hope, that in my own life, when the completion comes, it does so without notice.    I would prefer, that like the characters I follow, that I never realize that the last page has arrived and nothing more will be written.    Then, perhaps, if you page back through my life and story, you might still find me there as myself, troubled only by the completion of the book I am writing.

Jose Serrano Pasqual writes for Hell Bent Press.  His novel is scheduled for a spring release in 2014

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